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know more about the best smart vending machine supplier in india


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Know More About The Best Smart Vending Machine Supplier in India

From ordering a cup of tea at a restaurant and waiting for it to be served, to a smart tea-coffee vending machine that dispenses any beverage you want with a tap of your finger. We have come a long way with how we take our beverages and snacks. And of course, in the world of vending machine manufacturers, what kick-started the entire change in pace is one thing. The smart vending machine, with its touchscreen technology, cashless payments, and amazing food options.

A smart vending machine supplier plays a huge role in changing the typical view the world has of vending machines. Vending machine manufacturers are now creating designs that can dispense an unbelievable range of products, including multiple beverages, healthy snacks, salads, and even soups! With the higher utility it provides, the vending machine price is almost unbelievable.

Teaming up with the right smart vending machine supplier not only allows you to settle on the best tea-coffee vending machine price, but also allows you to create a great shopping experience for your target customers. Whether you want a vending machine for office, home or commercial use, a smart vending machine is the way to go. After all, when it allows multiple purchases within a single transaction, boasts cloud connectivity for easier maintenance, and even lets you add custom user interfaces, the vending machine price you paid will seem totally worth it!

But, when it comes to choosing the right vending machine manufacturer, or more precisely, the right smart vending machine supplier for your business in this insanely crowded market, you will possibly be faced with a dilemma. What if we told you that could be avoided? Read on to find out more about the best smart vending machine supplier you will find in the Indian market and their product, which can only be described as nothing less than an ecosystem.

A Smart Vending Ecosystem: Cherise Tapri

If you are someone who loves tea, Cherise Global wouldn’t be an unfamiliar name to you. In fact, Cherise Tapri is a product from the house of MK Jokai. An established name in the global orthodox tea manufacturing and distribution world, they have now established their name as the best smart vending machine supplier and manufacturer too! You might wonder what contributed to this enormous success, but the answer is quite simple– it all began with the love of chai! By fully appreciating the love that each person shares with their cup of tea, Cherise Global succeeded in creating not only the highest quality tea and coffee but also the best tea-coffee vending machine, or should we say ‘ecosystem’?

But enough about that. You must be excited to know more about the amazing creation of this smart vending machine supplier. Cherise TAPRI is India's most advanced and hygienic smart vending ecosystem! While we do refer to it as a simple tea-coffee vending machine, you need to understand that it is much more than just that. It is an ecosystem empowered with state-of-the-art IoT and Android technology. Here we have listed all of its amazing features below so that you know exactly what you get.

  • Built-in GPS
  • High Speed Dispensing
  • Iced beverage options
  • Built-in Hand Sanitizer
  • Integrated Sachet Dispensing System
  • Mobile App based control
  • Multiple Payment Modes
  • Easy 3 pin plug and play
  • Auto Self Cleaning
  • Cellular/Wifi Connectivity
  • Cloud Based IoT Enabled
  • Electronically Safe
  • Fingerprint Recognition

But according to this amazing smart vending machine supplier, Cherise Tapri is an experience beyond a cup of beverage from any other tea-coffee vending machine. It is more than just its features. What makes it an actual ecosystem is the philosophy behind it and how they work to incorporate it into every aspect. You all probably know what a tapri is. The roadside shed with a blue tarpaulin sheet over it, where the chaiwala cools down his tea in long strands and you end up with a cutting glass of steaming chai. Their ingredients are fresh and their tea is always tasty. Cherise has taken this to the next level by ensuring a farm-to-cup delivery system where their produce comes from their own farms and ends up in your cup. That means it's all healthy!

Speaking of health, you might like to know how Cherise, as a ‘smart’ vending machine supplier, ensures the wellbeing of any client that uses the Tapri ecosystem.

Are Smart Vending Machines Healthy?

Yes, a lot of smart vending machine suppliers today emphasize health. They ensure healthy food and beverage options for customers at a very normal vending machine price. But, that isn’t enough to ensure that what the machine dispenses is healthy. This is why Cherise Global, as a smart vending machine supplier, puts extra emphasis on tea-coffee vending machine maintenance. Of course, they do provide organic, preservative-free, and farm-fresh food options, but by ensuring proper maintenance, they ensure that this food is never contaminated. There is a dedicated team of 3 looking after the Cherise Tapri smart tea-coffee vending machine The Tapri Man who visits the machine twice a month for regular inspections, the Hygiene Man, who visits for extensive checkups; and the Techno Man, who helps with the sophisticated technology of your smart vending machine.

The Smartest Smart Vending Machine Supplier

When you are on the hunt for a perfect smart vending machine for your office, home, or any other location, you are faced with almost unlimited options. And yet sadly, not all of them can be a perfect fit for you. But we sure do hope that the Cherise Tapri Smart Vending Ecosystem and the great care put into its making and maintenance by Cherise Global have helped you settle on the right option!

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