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A Happy Ganesh Chatur-tea!

5 best beverages to pair with your chaturthi treats.

Ganesha is not just the God of auspicious beginnings, he is a foodie too. He does carry his nickname Lambodara proudly after all. So, on this Ganesh Chaturthi, what better way to get closer to him than through some amazing food. Of course, it being a festive season, amazing food is definitely cooking in all your kitchens but what do you wash down your exquisite feast with? Surely, you need a beverage that even Ganesha would approve of. And that is where the best vending machine manufacturers of India come in– with tasty, gourmet and absolutely delectable drinks served with just a click of your finger.

Whether you are planning an office party or a house party on this Ganesh Chaturthi, the Cherise Tapri smart vending ecosystem can be the best companion to all your delicious snacks. This vending machine for office use as well as home use can transform your Ganesh Chaturthi into a gourmet event, just as Ganesha would have wanted it!


A Vending Machine Fit for a Feast

The 10 day extravaganza of Ganesh Chaturthi is the best time for foodies all across India. A tasty bhog is the best way to please not just Ganesha, but also your tummy! Each day, every household prepares a tasty dish to offer to the deity. This definitely takes up a lot of time and effort, leaving one with almost no time to prepare a drink to go with it. The simple chai is certainly easy enough to prepare and tastes great, but is this everyday drink enough on such a beautiful occasion?

There is no need to worry. When you have been preparing a feast for Ganesha all day, it is only normal that you don’t have the time or energy to choose and prepare something to wash down the feast with. In fact, all that work would definitely make you just want to relax for a second with a cup of luxurious chai. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get one at just the snap of your finger. Well, a cup of tea might not appear when you snap your fingers but there is one smart vending machine supplier that can help. Cherise Global is the best of all smart vending machine manufacturers and with the Cherise Tapri vending machine for office use and home use, you can make your dreams come true. Well, almost– you still can’t get tea when you snap your fingers but just one touch can get you a fresh cup of your choice drink. It’s not about getting just a generic cup of tea or coffee you can find with the machines of other vending machine manufacturers either. With the Tapri ecosystem, you can get multiple kinds of tea, coffee, spiced milks, or even soups!

The Cherise Tapri smart tea-coffee vending machine also doesn’t need you to spend as much time cleaning it as you would with others. In addition to its auto self-cleaning feature, the vending machine manufacturers of Tapri also provide a 3 person team who will visit it regularly for maintenance and updates. So what more do you need to get the amazing Cherise Tapri Smart Vending Ecosystem for Ganesh Chaturthi? If you are not convinced yet that it can be the perfect Chaturthi gift, then read on.


A Drink Fit for a Bhog

Not all vending machine manufacturers are the same– many of them focus just on the machine they manufacture. What sets Cherise Global apart from other vending machine manufacturers is the fact that they are involved in each aspect of the Cherise Tapri, be it the technical side or the produce side of it. In other words the experts at Cherise Global aren’t simply vending machine manufacturers, they are tea lovers themselves. This paves the way for a process that ensures maximum quality, not just when it comes to the technical aspects of the machine, but also when it comes to the beverages and food it dispenses. The Cherise premixes come in many mouthwatering flavors. But the best thing about them is the care that goes into their production, just like the care you put into cooking Ganesha’s bhog on Chaturthi. With tea leaves from their own farms and organic produce, each of the premixes are preservative-free and farm-fresh.

Now, the only thing that might pose confusion is the amount of choices you have. Cherise Global, the tea lovers turned vending machine manufacturers, has provided so many options when it comes to the beverages you want to taste. From the Mumbai Masala Chai to the Gujarati Haldi Doodh, the options seem endless. But, hey, here is something to make your choices a little easier on Ganesh Chaturthi. A list of 5 of the most popular daily bhog dishes and their matches made in heaven from the Tapri menu.

  • Modak and the Mumbai Masala Chai: Ganesha’s favorite sweet dumplings and Mumbai’s favorite chai.
  • Satori and the Jodhpuri Masala Doodh: Two milky delicacies with just a hint of spice.
  • Puran Poli and the Puneri Gauti Chai: A heavy meal and a refreshing lemongrass tea to top it off.
  • Medu Vada and the Madras Coffee: Is a vada ever complete without a strong coffee next to it?
  • Coconut Rice and the Gujarati Haldi Doodh: The unlikeliest pairs can turn out to be the best.


Best Vending Machine Manufacturers

A feast for Ganesha should be a grand affair after all doesn’t it? This Ganesh Chaturthi makes the most of your tastebuds with these amazing pairings from the best vending machine manufacturers in the market. Make your Ganesh Chaturthi a happy Ganesh Chatur-tea!

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