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Spend A Day With Cherise Tapri

Here is how your day could be with a Tapri vending machine for office!

How does your average day in the office begin? You go in, set your things at the desk and start working? If you love tea as much as us, then probably not. You might go into the break room and spend a while trying to brew a perfect cup of chai that can give you the energy to start with your projects. Then again, you do need a brunch break to get your energy back right? So the same thing repeats throughout the day, everyday. Work-break-tea-work. The same old routine each day, the same old tea each day. You might love your job, but this monotony can get boring fast. But what if there was one thing that could make a huge difference in how you approach your work breaks? A vending machine for office use that can solve your breaktime dullness with gourmet drink options and superfast dispensing.

We’re talking about the Cherise Tapri Smart Vending Machine for office, a true ecosystem designed by the best vending machine manufacturers in India. Cherise Global can make you want to go to your workplace for more than just your love for the job, it appeals to your love of chai!

The Cherise Tapri Vending Machine for Office Use

Smart vending machine suppliers as well as vending machine manufacturers all over India have unanimously agreed that the Tapri is not just any vending machine for office use. As Cherise Global describes it, the Cherise Tapri is nothing less than a smart vending ecosystem. Unlike any other vending machine for office use, this ecosystem is carefully monitored by its vending machine manufacturers from conception and then throughout its life. With tea and coffee premixes and more, manufactured from raw materials grown in their own farms, Cherise Global assures you the purity of what you consume at the best vending machine price ever. There is even a dedicated team of three Cherise technicians who regularly visit the Tapri after you receive it to clean and update it!

But what exactly distinguishes Cherise Global from any other vending machine manufacturer into the best smart vending machine supplier? The answer is simple, the Cherise Tapri Smart Vending Ecosystem has so much more to offer than any other smart vending machine for office use. This extraordinary tea-coffee vending machine boasts features that no other does. Fingerprint recognition, hand sanitizer, automatic self cleaning, mobile app based control and multiple contactless payment modes are just a few features that sets Cherise Tapri apart from any other vending machine for office use that you can find.

It really does sound tempting. But wouldn’t you like to know how exactly your day at the office goes with a Cherise Tapri Smart Vending Ecosystem at your disposal? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back in that matter too!

A Day at the Office With Cherise Tapri

So, let's talk about how convenient and simple life could be at your office with the Cherise Tapri smart vending machine for office use. Now that you know how the routine schedule makes you spend too much time for a cup of hot chai and asks you to spend extra effort, here is how the best vending machine manufacturers in India give you a solution with the Tapri Ecosystem.

  • Morning Rejuvenation: You get to the office as usual, set your things on the desk and go to the break room. This is where it begins. No need to fill up the kettle or turn on the coffee machine and wait. You could just go over to the best vending machine for office, the Tapri Smart Vending Ecosystem, and choose from a huge range of curated beverages. The Mumbai Masala Chai, Calcutta Elaichi Chai, Delhi Adhrak Chai or even a strong cup of Madras Coffee– whatever your choice of rejuvenation is, you will get it served fresh in just seconds!
  • Healthy Snacking: Getting the munchies while you work? Want some light lunch to get you back on track without feeling heavy? There is one vending machine for office use that can answer your questions– the Cherise Tapri Smart Vending Ecosystem. How does an authentic Hyderabadi tomato soup sound for your lunch munch? Then that is exactly what you can get without getting your hands dirty. And it’s okay even if you do, Cherise Tapri even has a sanitizer dispenser for that.
  • Evening Refreshment: It doesn’t matter how much love you have for the job, an entire day of hectic work can leave even the most energetic of us feeling a little dull. But you know what could help? A cup of some refreshing spiced milk. Yes, the Cherise Tapri vending machine for office use can also get you some tasty options of flavored milk from around India. You can explore Gujarat with a golden Haldi Doodh, visit Thar with the Bikaneri elaichi doodh or even take a tour of Jodhpur with the tasty masala doodh.

Choose the Best Vending Machine for Office Use

Hopefully you’ve found the smart vending machine supplier for you right here. Give your office a makeover with increased work morale and decreased wastage of time. Spice up your break rooms with not just creative conversations, but also amazing gourmet beverages and snacks. What are you waiting for? Visit the Cherise Tapri page to know more about this amazing vending machine for office use!

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