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why every office needs a smart vending machine


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Why Every Office Needs a Smart Vending Machine

In the fast-paced global work culture we see around the world today, it isn’t surprising that many employees are running on empty each day. With barely any time to eat, or even have a cup of tea for that matter, burnouts have been on a steady increase amongst office goers. Everyone deserves an acceptable balance between health and work.


This is why every office needs a smart vending machine for their employees. While it might not solve every difficulty they face, a cup of tea can always give a small break and some refreshment from their hectic schedules. However, when planning on buying a vending machine, most people tend to think of the negatives first. The unhealthy food choices they offer, their apparent lack of cleanliness, high maintenance charges and so on. Most employers think that no vending machine price is worth all the hassle.


But we are here to say that these difficulties when buying a vending machine are not common denominators. As the world and technology have rapidly evolved, so have vending machines. Today you will find a market flooding with multiple choices in vending machine prices and features for you. And the crown jewel? Smart vending machines! Healthy snacking, sanitary drinks, safe payments, tasty food options– everything rolled into a single smart vending machine.


By buying a vending machine, you make the lives of your employees much easier. Giving them the option of having refreshing drinks and healthy snacks right inside the office will save them time, energy, money and stress! Yes, you need to start looking at vending machine prices today, because the faster you get one, the more productivity you’ll notice in your office.


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What The Smart Vending Machine Offers

When buying a vending machine, the first thing you will probably consider is the vending machine price. But that is not the only thing you need to consider. A vending machine price that seems too high at a glance might seem like a great deal when weighed against the benefits it will provide. While these benefits surely include the various features the smart vending machine boasts, there are also some hidden advantages to it that you might not know.


Here are 5 awesome things that a smart vending machine can do for your office-


  1. Convenience

Convenience is a point that skips many people’s minds when buying a vending machine. Of course, having a smart vending machine in your office makes it more convenient to get snacks and beverages right at the office. But don’t forget how convenient it is to stay healthy when you get healthy food options anytime you need them. This means that your employees can maintain their health without stressing too much about getting food from somewhere else.


  1. Productivity

A smart vending machine price cannot compare to the value of increased productivity. Healthy food gives energy, reduces the chances of illness and boosts immunity. This means lesser sick days. In fact, reports show that employees who regularly consume unhealthy snacks are 66% more likely to lose productivity. By providing healthy snack options within the office, you enable the employees to think clearly, work more efficiently and focus better. Buying a vending machine means that you equip your office with the energy they need to work.


  1. Timesaving

At first, it might not seem to make a difference. But a vending machine in your office can actually help your employees save valuable minutes by eliminating their need to go out to purchase food. In addition to that, a vending machine can dispense coffee in less than 2 minutes. It seems like just a matter of a few minutes, but in the long run, you will definitely see the results. What you invest in the vending machine price will be returned to you in the form of convenience and more time to put into things that actually matter at the office.


  1. Work Satisfaction

Your willingness to provide resources to make their lives easier can have a positive impact on the work performances of your employees. And your employees are certainly of much more value to you than the vending machine price. Finding out that you care about their health will make your employees motivated. Tea breaks and coffee breaks around a vending machine also facilitate the bond between employees, making the workplace much more comfortable for each person.


  1. Morale

Workplace wellness and morale are important factors to the success of an establishment. For this wellness to be prevalent, it is necessary to ensure that your employees are hydrated, energetic and have everything to fulfill their needs right at the office. They should be able to feel relaxed and peaceful in their workplace to achieve maximum potential. This reduces absenteeism as well. Encouraging your employees to take a small recharge break once in a while to have a drink or a snack can promote their wellness. The employee bonding that happens by the vending machines can also increase their comfort levels at the office.


Did buying a vending machine becomes a part of your upcoming office plans yet? We say go for smart, and we promise the vending machine price will be worth it! With options like the Cherise Tapri Smart Vending Ecosystem available in the market, you won’t need to go much farther to look for the perfect smart vending machine.

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