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Best Refil pack for Tea Coffee Machine

Tapri Premixes and Refill Packs for Tea Coffee Machines

Buy instant tea premixes and refill packs for tea coffee machines from our exquisite range of Tapri Premixes, manufactured exclusively using farm-fresh, chemical-free ingredients.
Make your lives easier and tastier with Tapri instant tea premixes. Go on a chai shopping spree- order tea online today!

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Cherise Best Sellers

Want to buy a delicious refill pack for your tea coffee machine? Buy premium tea online, choose from our bestsellers to see what you like!

Buy Premium Delhi Adrak Tea Online

Buy Premium Delhi Adrak Tea Online

Buy premium tea online

Buy premium tea online

Order tea online now

Order tea online now

Calcutta Elaichi Chai | Buy Instant Tea premix

Calcutta Elaichi Chai | Buy Instant Tea premix

Mumbai Masala Chai | Order the best tea online

Mumbai Masala Chai | Order the best tea online

Try Out Our Combos

Can’t seem to limit yourself when you buy premium tea online from our Tapri Collection? We know how irresistible great Chai can be!
Experiment with our flavours when you buy a refill pack for your tea coffee machine this time. Choose from these specially curated combos to save more and get more when you buy instant tea premixes. Order now!

Order the best quality premium tea online

Ready in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Empty the content of the sachet by tearing the side notch, in a cup

Step 2: Fill it up with 100ml of boiling/hot water

Step 3: Stir well to dissolve and enjoy

More About the Tapri Collection

Cherise Tapri comes from the house of MK Jokai, a global leader in tea manufacturing and distribution. Our love for chai strengthens our dedication to creating quality products that are scientifically cultivated at our farm with passion, commitment and authenticity. We created the Cherise Tapri Smart Vending Ecosystem to bring you the world-class beverage experience you deserve, to your doorstep. Don’t worry, we know just how important your daily chai is!
Ever tried to buy a refill pack for the tea coffee machine at your home or office? Ensuring quality and taste when you order tea online can be difficult, but it is even more difficult to find premixes and refill packs for tea coffee machines that have the perfect ratio of ingredients to give you a smooth, strong cup of pure taste. W hen we created the powerful Cherise Tapri tea coffee machine, we did not want anything lesser than the best to go with it. So we created some of the tastiest tea and tisane premixes so you don’t have to look far to find a refill pack for your tea coffee machine.
But there’s more good news. You can enjoy the Tapri collection without a Cherise Tapri tea coffee machine too. Buy premium teas online from our huge range to get your perfect cup of Tapri chai every morning, in just 3 simple steps. Give your staff, guests or yourself the perfect cup of chai instantly. Say goodbye to all the hassle with ingredients in the kitchen when you buy premium teas online from Cherise.

Order tea online today and let your chai journey with Tapri begin!

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